What do I need to know

Please read the below carefully after booking


Being properly dressed is important if you are outside. So we ask that you make sure your child comes with the following, packed in a single RUCKSACK, so they can carry it easily (NB that you or your child will have to carry their own kit, so please make sure that it comes in a suitable backpack):


  • warm clothing top and bottom, in layers so that if it is warm they can shed a layer and still be comfortable;
  • hat and gloves
  • a waterproof outer layer, top and bottom – These are provided by Forest Footprints for the children only.
  • waterproof shoes in case it is muddy. We recommend walking boots or shoes, but you can send them in trainers as long as they are sturdy. Wellington boots are great if it’s raining/wet and not too cold, however children’s feet do get very cold in wellies in the winter. Lined wellies are a great option.
  • Spare socks and a spare jumper wrapped in a plastic bag (It can be a bit cooler in the woods).


  • Layers of long sleeved light clothing.
  • Sun hat
  • a waterproof outer layer, top and bottom – so waterproof coat and trousers. It still rains in the Summer in the UK;
  • waterproof shoes in case it is muddy. We recommend walking boots or shoes, but you can send them in trainers as long as they are sturdy.
  • No shorts please, however hot it is. We have brambles and nettles in places at most sites – ouch!


We do share the woods with other animals, which is part of the joy of being there of course. Mostly we get along fine, but there are a few insects that can be problematic:

mosquitos, wasps and bees: usually only an issue in the warmer months. If your child is susceptible to bites or stings then consider applying insect repellant just before they join us. We rarely get stings, but they do happen. If your child is allergic to wasp or bee stings make sure we know (on the booking form) and if they need Piriton (or anything stronger) then bring it along with them.

ticks: can be an issue when you are in the woods. Ticks are small parasites that lurk in long grass or ferns and attach themselves to bare skin. They can look like a small scab. If our leaders see a child has a tick they will remove it using a tick key, and inform you on pick up. If you notice a tick on your child, don’t panic, but do remove it carefully as soon as you can. DON’T just yank it out (this is a bad idea). Use a tick key or other device if you have one, or a loop of cotton thread if you don’t. There is a handy guide to tick removal here. Ticks can carry Lyme disease, which is potentially serious, though treatable with antibiotics. If your child has a tick then remove it and keep it in a plastic bag. if your child develops a rash, joint pain or fever then your GP may be able to test the tick to see if it carries the disease. You can email or call us if you need advice.