About Forest Footsteps

My name is Kate Daykin and my background is in primary teaching...

My name is Kate Daykin and my background is in primary teaching. I have been a qualified primary school teacher for eight years and love working with children. After having had my own three children I have decided to set up a business of my own in order to meet the needs of my family but so that I can continue to do what I love – working with and teaching children. The primary school that I previously worked in offered Forest School sessions and I had the opportunity to join the children within this setting. It was wonderful. The children relished the opportunity to grow and learn in the woods and their confidence and self-esteem soared. It was after these sessions that I wanted to learn more about Forest School.

Why Forest School?

Forest School is a movement which originated in Scandinavia and was brought to England by Bridgwater College in the 1990’s. It uses the outside environment to allow children to learn and grow as individuals by developing self-esteem, increased sense of motivation, a sense of purpose and an understanding and affinity with nature. There is much documentary evidence to show how regular experience of Forest School can have dramatic and profound influences on child development. In this respect, Forest School fits perfectly with developing the ‘whole’ child and engender in our children a love and respect for the environment in which they live. By taking part in Forest School regularly, we believe our children will develop more strongly as individuals and have emotional and physical tools which will help them grow into successful and autonomous adults. 

Forest School is an inspirational experience where children have the opportunity to take risks and to succeed with small, achievable tasks. They learn to manage their own risk levels to achieve personal safety, under the guidance of the Leader. From an early age, the children are taught to use and care for a range of tools, such as bow saws and loppers. They also learn about the flora and fauna in their environment, lighting a fire safely, and basic personal care in the outdoors. The tasks the children undertake promote the development of self-confidence, patience and determination to succeed.